General Services

Oneworldconsultation, Corp. we take an innovative, integrated holistic approach to diversity & integration. We work with organizations and individuals that are looking at becoming exceptional leaders by increasing their awareness, developing & building new skills, knowledge and techniques. We provide custom designed workshops, training and consulting to meet the unique need of each customer. We use a variety of techniques including case studies, ice breakers, interactive exercises, role plays, videos, assessments and organizational plans. Oneworldconsultation specializes in providing quality consulting services and strategies to organizations that seek to work effectively with the change in demographic. Customers can choose from basic introductory services to more in-depth mature Diversity, Equity and Inclusion / Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression programming.

Executive Briefing

The first step to working with oneworldconsultation is an Executive Briefing which is designed to do an assessment of the organization and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion / Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression initiatives that can best suite the organizational goals.
Board Members and Management Training
This session for board members includes shared understanding of the key concepts and an examination of the organization through D& I framework. The focus is on developing skills that will make organizational leaders more diverse and inclusive. Participants also take a confidential online self-assessment of their awareness, knowledge and skill.
Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion
An interactive workshop introduces diversity and inclusion as an organizational objective. Working together, participants develop practical options for their organization. This carefully crafted workshop brings staff members from confusion or disinterest to active participation, educational and sometimes entertaining session.